Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining An Adult Dance Class

1. Dance Improves Flexibility

Don’t worry about already being flexible when thinking about should you or shouldn’t you join a dance class. The movement that you take on during the lesson will gently increase your own flexibility through suitable stretching exercises set by the teacher. “Warm ups” and “Cool downs” both involve gentle stretching exercises and combinations which improve your range of movement, so taking part in a dance class within time will enable you to improve your flexibility.

2. Dancing Builds Strength

Strength is built in dance by forcing the muscles to resist against your own body weight. Hip hop, jazz, contemporary and ballet all involve jumping high into the air. To be able to do these movements, it requires a lot of strength in the leg muscles.

3. Dance Increases Endurance

Physical exercise like dance increases our endurance levels. When our muscles are required to work hard for long periods of time our endurance levels improve and we are able to work longer and harder without feeling tired or fatigue. Dancing is great for improving endurance, especially the allegro steps (jumps) in ballet, the continuous combinations danced in tap and the fast paced routines danced in hip hop and street styles. When we increase our heart rate we increase our stamina level. Regular dancing will build your endurance levels.

4. A Sense of Well-Being

By joining a dance class you can challenge and build on your social skills increasing your self-confidence. Dance is also a way to reduce stress and tension levels. When we do an activity like dancing we feel an improved sense of well-being, not only does your overall fitness improve but you also get your metabolism working better for you too. With most things at the touch of a button today it is very easy to become lazy and the less exercise we do, the less involved we feel we want to be in other areas of our lives. Through dance and music you’ll feel generally more uplifted in both body and mind which in turn gives us more energy.

Whether you’re pirouetting across the floor to a classical masterpiece written by Tchaikovsky or doing “body rolls” in all directions possible to Rihanna, you’re getting exercise and probably having a lot of fun at the same time. Dancing offers us so many benefits as discussed in this article, but not forgetting the additional cardiovascular conditioning, stronger bones and good posture benefits also. Least important possibly, but still a pro to consider is that you don’t need to “feel the fear” of dancing at parties anymore. In fact you might find the performer in you yet!

Dance Classes Are An Important Activity For The Body and Soul For Anyone

For people who have taken a dance lesson before, you can fully appreciate the positive aspects you received from it! It can be a serious work out and a great way to stay in shape! Many exercisers opt for the gym, yoga, or other activities to fill their workout regime, but dance classes are a great option as well! If you’ve ever taken an adult Ballet or Hip Hop class, you know that not only are you using and strengthening your core muscles and increasing flexibility, you are also having fun and probably even building your own confidence! Let’s face it, the number one reason adults won’t take dance classes are the many glass mirrors that surround the rooms- or “Mirror Syndrome” if you will! Getting over that fear, and joining a class with other people (that most likely have the same worries and fears as you) can really help boost your confidence, while helping you stay in shape and gain some coordination too!

Even if Hip Hop isn’t for you, there are lots of other dance lessons to join: Ballet, Jazz and Tap are examples. Taking dance classes every week is not only good for your body; it’s great for your mind as well. Learning new routines and remembering sequences of steps really challenges you to use your memory. You’ll find yourself able to pick up dance moves more easily each week. Before you know it, you’ll be able to pick up a routine quickly and will be begging for the next count of 8! Taking continued lessons is great for your muscles, but also great practice for your memory.

It’s never too late to start! The most common fear about starting dance (besides the mirrors of course) is feeling too old to take a lesson. Many people find that the initial fear is overcome by trying it out and realizing anyone can dance. In fact, adults take ballet to strengthen specific muscles after hurting themselves at work or home. Hip Hop classes are very popular for new and experienced students who want to learn rhythm and increase coordination. Many people think that Hip Hop lessons are simply learning how to dance to new songs, but it is way more than that. Many of our dancers find that a Hip Hop lesson improves their sense of energy and rhythm after only a few classes. Jazz classes are also a great way to improve timing and energy. Jazz routines contain many different aspects that keep you on your toes literally and figuratively. The best part of any of these classes is that they will instantly improve cognition, focus and your overall mental health. While you are building up a sweat, learning and memorizing a dance routine keeps your brain sharp and improves your focus. You can always tell your teacher your reason for taking the class so that they can best fulfill your needs – whether it be weight loss, injury recovery, or just fun! Dance is an artistic experience not only for your body, but also for your mind.