4 Things To Look For When Choosing A Studio For Dance Classes

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If your child has shown an interest in taking dance classes, choosing a studio is likely one of your biggest priorities. Before you spend hours driving around to different studios and looking around, call a few and ask a couple key questions to make sure you’re signing up for a program that’s right for you. Here are a couple things to ask so you can ensure you’ve found the right place for your children to learn to dance.

Look For Instructors Who Enjoy Working With Kids

Many studios have a number of classes that cater to children of all ages. If your child is starting to learn to dance and they’re very young, ask what kind of experience the instructors have with little ones. A teacher who focuses on lessons for high school students will need very different experience than one who teaches pre-schoolers. One of the biggest differences is that teachers who work with pre-school students will need nearly endless amounts of patience since children this small can be a little difficult (but fun!) to teach.

Look For Studios That Offer Flexible Class Times

Busy parents need a lot of options when it comes to dance lessons. Instead of finding a studio that only offers a class once a week, look for one with a number of different options for dance lessons. One benefit of finding a studio that has many different classes is that you’ll likely be able to make up a class in case your child is sick on their regular class day. Another benefit is that many offer Saturday classes, which are vital if you’re a working parent.

Search For Studios With Many Different Types Of Dance Classes

If your child isn’t sure what type of lessons they want to take, look for a studio that offers a number of different types. These can include beginning ballet, tap and jazz, as well as hip hop, adult contemporary and even yoga! Studios with so many different options mean that you won’t need to go from studio to studio if your child wants to try something new.

Ask About The Fees

Lastly, ask about the fees. It’s fairly standard to pay a registration fee, as well as monthly or quarterly fees to take the lessons. Some studios do offer a discount to students or families that participate in more than one lesson a week. Also ask if there will be any additional fees for a recital. Dancers will need a costume that matches the rest of their class, but there might be optional fees for photos, videos, advertisements in recital programs and more.

Choosing the right program so your child can learn to dance is vitally important. A great teacher and studio can help set your child up for a lifetime love of ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and more. Don’t leave this to chance — do your research to make sure you’re choosing the right program for your child.